Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Blogging World!

I'm so excited to enter the blogging world! I am an Interior Designer in Venice Beach and love anything to do with design, art and fashion. I have been so inspired by the beautiful, amazing blogs I've read so I thought I'd take a shot at my own. The Blogging community has been so enthusiastic about new people blogging and helpful in the information and experiences they have shared. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and I can't wait to begin this experience!!

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  1. welcome... you will love it.. everyday you will meet someone new and discover so many lovely pieces of the world... i love venice and will be coming to visit next week... i need some fabulous tips! i live in seattle but love bountiful, obsolete, etc... but if there are some haunts you know about and i am sure you do! pls advise... i would be so grateful. we will be staying in la for a week... never enough time to do everything! cant wait... x