Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The great debate- Lawn?

There has been much debate and conversation over the issue of lawn in homes. Near us in Santa Monica and Venice, more and more home owners are opting for fake grass and alternate landscapes. A few years ago, I was staunchly opposed. I hated how fake synthetic lawn looked. I have completely changed my mind. I have been caring for grass for the last five years and frankly am getting a bit sick of it. Constantly having to change the timer to coincide with city watering mandates, worrying about dog dug holes, crab grass, the high cost of watering and last but definitely not least, the nagging guilt about using so much water. I'm always on the look out for innovative ways to landscape without lawn and recently came across this Huntington Beach home in the LA Times. Wow! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing its completely functional. I would have tons of party's if I had a space like this. The whole home was given a face lift by Adam Wheeler, who I just read used to work for Frank Gehry. I can tell! Enjoy the pics!

Photography by John Ellis Photography, "Before" picture by Joshua White.

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