Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inspiration {Office}

This office designed by the uber-talented, Timothy Whealon, is one of my all time favorites. The green accents really make the room pop. The vertical storage is useful, efficient and good looking!

I'm lucky enough to have a a room dedicated as my office. Initially, when my husband let me take the room and turn it into an office, I felt so guilty. How can I make it MY room, it could just as easily be guest room/office, a game room/office. Eventually I got over it and outfitted the room with two desks and two bookshelves. Added some accessories, chairs, extra seating. Now I realize, we spend so much time in the "office". And oddly, so do guests. Last night, James, my mom and I were in the office finishing our taxes (yes, we are complete procrastinators). We took our time, drank some wine. Anyway, I don't mean to ramble but my point being that rather than being strictly an office the room turned into a tv watching, dog playing, laundry folding, video game playing kinda room.

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