Monday, November 8, 2010

Leopard Coat

I've been slightly obsessed with finding the perfect leopard coat. I was loving all the above looks but was having a hard time finding one in my price range. Saturday James had a football game so I took the time to stroll 3rd Street Promenade, mostly to window shop. Someone had told me Zara had a lot of great fall stuff so of course I had to take a gander! There was so many great jackets, capes and shoes! I saw a camel colored cape that would be great for fall but at $189 I had to pass. Then I saw this lone jacket, a leopard wool coat. Of course I grabbed it and it fit perfectly-even better it was $99! It's an XS and I thought I should try on a small too, just in case I need to layer. The sales girl said it was the last one but could check other store, The Grove and Century City. As I was waiting near the cash register, everyone in line was asking about the jacket. The sales girl told them she was checking to see if other stores but a few minutes later she said they were sold out. This is totally screwed up shopping psychology, I totally admit it, but why does it feel so good to leave with something so many people want but can't have? James always says there is something about shopping that makes woman crazy, I think it's true. Nonetheless, I'm one happy little shopper.

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