Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thrift Shopping

I get so excited when I drive passed a thrift shop. Usually no matter where it is, I'll try and stop to check them out. Some are good, some are very, very bad. But the draw is that there's a potential gold mine of goodies, ripe for my picking. Yesterday I finally went into a thrift store that I usually avoided because it required a lot of energy to maneuver into their teeny tiny parking lot. Oh was it worth it! I took my Mom and we spent an hour perusing every inch of the jammed packed store. There was so many things I contemplated buying- lucite boxes, brass trays and bowls, vintage glasses. I finally narrowed down my search based on budget and need, and left with these brass antelope bookends. They were priced at $25 for the pair but I negotiated them for $20. I love a good bargain! My mom left with some amazing sterling silver trays and dishes. I'm so temped to go back for the lucite boxes....

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